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Hair Removal.

Electrolysis Machine

Wynnewood Salon is committed to providing safe and permanent hair removal. Whether it's a few unwanted hairs or a desire to never shave again, The only proven method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. Electrolysis is successful with all skin and hair types. No other treatment can achieve the permanent results that a professionally trained electrologist can provide you.

Electrolysis can help you achieve confidence in your appearance.

Wynnewood Salon services the greater Philadelphia Area including the Main Line and Western Suburbs.


About Emily

Emily Jones has been serving the Main Line & Greater Philadelphia Area as a Certified Professional Electrologist since 2006.  Emily is committed to continuing education in order to provide you with the best care.

At Wynnewood Salon, Emily offers a relaxed and comfortable environment.  Emily welcomes any questions you might have.

Emily enjoys providing weekly brain-teasers for her clients. She loves talking books, movies, and travel. In her free time, Emily enjoys wood-working, cooking, and pickleball.

 Trans Friendly
Unwanted Hair Removal
Wynnewood Salon Location

Wynnewood Salon

1404 Manoa Road
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